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Why we created RB-Connect for Apple iOS Devices?

iOS devices are great, but sometimes Wifi is not adequate to transmit through walls, or company policies prohibit connection of iOS devices to Wifi networks. RB-Connect rectifies the problem by providing a cable ethernet connection to your iOS device.


Ethernet for your iOS Device currently requires an assorted array of separate devices which is complex and expensive to setup.


RB-Connect cost 149,-- Euros

Utilising for payment processing.
Supports all iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro with small Lightning Adapters.

RB-Connect Datasheet

No External Power required

100 / 1000 Mbit Handshakes

Full MFI Apple proofed Lightning Connector

IEEE P802.3az Low Energy

85 mAH power consuming

Dimension 2.5cm (width) * 6.8cm (length) * 1.6cm (height)

Weight: 36.0 gram / 0.079 pound

USB Male Connector

Ethernet RJ-45 Connector

Supported iOS Devices

iPhone 5,5s,6,6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7s, 7s plus

iPad, iPad Retina, mini 2 3 4, AIR & AIR 2, iPad Pro


Download Manual of RB-Connect

RB-Connect provides many solutions

Connect to any Ethnernet Device

Access more devices than previously.

Connect to IP Cameras

Connect to any IP Camera (DHCP required).

Connect through Walls

Use RB-Connect in combination with power network adapters.

Higher uploads and stability with Cable Ethernet|

Improved throughput and stability for connections in organisations, hospitals, air-planes and many more scenarios.

RB-Connect use case scenarios

Who created RB-Connect?

RB-Connect is build by rebotnix technologies, a Slot3 GmbH Brand.